Maxwell Anderson


Maxwell L. Anderson
Executive Director, New Cities Foundation
Chairman, Global Cultural Districts Network
New York, NY


Maxwell L. Anderson is Executive Director of the New Cities Foundation, and Chairman of its affiliated organization, the Global Cultural Districts Network. He develops NCF’s focus on urban innovation, with an emphasis on how place-making and digital platforms can improve the lives of city dwellers internationally.

Anderson has devoted his career to advancing the mission of non-profit institutions, while creating best practices to insure their development and sustainability. He has long sought to address challenges facing the cultural sector, from operational efficiency to programmatic relevance, transparent business practices, community engagement, cultural property ownership disputes, and the impact of digital platforms on communications. Throughout almost 30 years as an art museum director, he assisted mayors and city governments in improving their cities through the provision of vibrant cultural offerings.

In 2015 Anderson joined the leadership of the New Cities Foundation, broadening his work with cities beyond the needs of cultural institutions to urban concerns in multiple sectors. The Foundation is an independent non-profit organization whose mission is to shape a better urban future for all. NCF conducts pragmatic research on solutions to challenges facing cities, launches initiatives to drive urban progress, and builds, empowers, and convenes a global network in support of its goals.

The Foundation convenes the leading events on urban innovation, including the annual New Cities Summit, drawing over 800 participants from more than 40 nations. In all of its activities, NCF works with entrepreneurs and leaders from business, government, academia, civil society, the media and the arts. The Foundation was created in 2010 and is financed by its members and partners, which include some of the most forward-thinking companies which share a passion for the future of our cities. NCF is incorporated in Geneva and its head office is in Montreal, with smaller offices in Paris, Zurich, Hong Kong, and New York.

As Executive Director of the Foundation, Anderson leads its professional staff around the world and liaises with the Board of Directors to address the urgent and important needs of cities on every continent. Anderson also chairs the Global Cultural Districts Network (GCDN), an affiliate of the New Cities Foundation that represents the interests of the world’s leading cultural districts. In 2014 he co-chaired the New Cities Summit in Dallas, attracting over 800 delegates from over 40 nations.

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