Headshot May 2013


Maxwell L. Anderson, Director of Grant Programs. New Cities Foundation, New York, NY

Maxwell Anderson has devoted his career to helping solve challenges facing the cultural sector, from operational sustainability to programmatic relevance, transparent business practices, community engagement, ownership disputes, public and private art collection assessments, and the impact of digital platforms on communications. He has provided consulting services throughout his 35 years as an art museum curator and director to foundations, government agencies, universities, corporations, and individuals.  Beginning with his first museum directorship in 1987, Maxwell L. Anderson pursued solutions to challenges facing art museums internationally. In 1988 as director of the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University (1987-1995), he inaugurated a series of loan projects highlighting unpublished treasures from the storerooms of some of the world’s leading museums in London, Paris, Rome, Mexico City, and elsewhere, looking for alternatives to buying antiquities from the illicit trade. As director of the Whitney Museum of American Art (1998-2003) he initiated the first multinational art purchase, a work by Bill Viola today jointly owned by the Whitney Museum, the Pompidou, and the Tate, to cope with the large scale of many contemporary artworks in variable media.

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